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2006 edition

Keep the Elephants!
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(Photos above taken in 2005)

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This has been the Year of the Elephant. Animal-rights activists have succeeded in getting many zoos to close their elephant exhibits.

Animal-rights people believe the elephants will have better lives in sanctuaries. But most zoo visitors will not have a chance to verify that because elephant sanctuaries either do not allow visitors at all or only allow visits by appointment.

The first photos for this year's edition of my website are all of the elephants. Some, or all, of them may not be living in the Philadelphia Zoo next year. My observations as a frequent zoo visitor (at least twice a month, year round) have convinced me that these elephants love their keepers, enjoy their play area, and look forward to their training and exercise periods. I believe they have a good home, and this is where they belong.

I also believe if the current trend continues, and zoos stop exhibiting elephants, future generations of children who will not have the awe-inspiring opportunity to see these wonderful creatures up close in real life will not care what happens to elephants in the wild.