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The Philadelphia Zoo in the winter is a tranquil, scenic place. Visitors of all ages are relaxed and quiet because the zoo atmosphere is relaxed and quiet.

You can find a parking place near the main entrance. You can walk right in at opening time without having to stand in long lines.

You can walk around the zoo at a leisurely pace, and choose whatever path you want. You can stand and observe your favorite animals for as long as you please. You can take time to read all the informative signs.

Peaceful zebras © Merry L. Morris

peaceful zebras
You can take photos that don't include the backs of peoples' heads.

You can buy lunch and sit at a table inside or on a bench outside. And while you are eating, you can watch the animals.

You can let your children walk a few feet away from you without fear that they will be swept away in a crowd.

(You can marvel at the calming effect a peaceful quiet zoo has on even the most hyperactive children.)

You can hear the sounds the animals make. The chirps, the whistles, the yelps, the roars, the grunts, the snorts.

You can hear the sounds of hooves pounding the ground, the sounds of teeth gnawing on bones, the sounds of wings flapping.

Peaceful douc langur © Merry L. Morris

peaceful douc langur
In the winter, the zoo animals are both alert and calm, and they will often look inquisitively at you.

Peaceful gazelle © Merry L. Morris

peaceful Mhorr's gazelle
You can make eye contact with a douc langur or a gazelle.

And, if you stay still, the animals will sometimes come very close to you.

So close that you could almost reach out and touch them (something they will never do during the "noisy" seasons).

Peaceful blue-crowned pigeon © Merry L. Morris
peaceful blue-crowned pigeon

If you visit the Philadelphia Zoo in the winter, you will feel like you are in the animals' territory.

You senses will be alert to animal sights, sounds, and smells ... you will experience biophilia ... you will want to learn more about animals in the wild ... you will want to help conserve wildlife ...

I love the Philadelphia Zoo in all seasons, but I love it most in the winter ...
Peaceful cheetahs © Merry L. Morris
peaceful cheetahs

because the focus is just on the animals.

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