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The Philadelphia Zoo in the spring, summer and fall is an entertaining, exciting place. Visitors are smiling and laughing. Children are running, jumping, hopping, galloping, leaping, climbing, and making animal sounds.

You can make new friends as you stand in line at opening time or at refreshment stands or while waiting to enter a special attraction area.

You can see live animal shows. You can be guided through exhibit areas. You can hear mini-lectures about wildlife conservation efforts around the world.
Crowned crane performer © Merry L. Morris

crowned crane bird show performer

You can ride camels. Your children can ride ponies. You can go up in a hot air balloon. You can paddle around Bird Lake in a swan boat. Your children can ride a miniature train.

Your whole family can pat and feed farm animals. Or feed lorikeets. You and your children can participate in interactive exhibits.

falcon performer © Merry L. Morris

falcon bird show performer
You can buy cultural artifacts. You can buy souvenirs and stuffed animals.

Your children can have their faces painted. Your children can volunteer to participate in live animal shows.

You can hear music. You can hear and see keeper presentations. You can touch animal skins and bones. You can smell french fries, popcorn, and hot dogs. You can expose your tastebuds to foods from other cultures.
Swan boats © Merry L. Morris
swan boats

If you visit the Philadelphia Zoo in the spring, summer, or early fall, you will have fun.

You will be entertained.

You will be thrilled.

Interactive exhibit © Merry L. Morris
interactive exhibit

You will feel like you are in Disney World.

Hot air balloon © Merry L. Morris

hot air balloon

I love the Philadelphia Zoo in every season. But I love it less in the spring, summer, and early fall when the atmosphere is exciting and adventurous ...

and the zoo is like an amusement park ... when the focus is on special attractions, interactive exhibits, rides, and cultural exhibits ...

Cheetahs listening to music © Merry L. Morris
cheetahs listening to the sound of drums beating

and not just on the animals ...

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