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(2017 edition)

Red river hog rooting
Screamers Smooching
************ Philadelphia Zoo Sights - 2017 ************
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In 1999, I bought a digital camera and discovered that, to spread the word about my favorite zoo, a picture was indeed worth a thousand words. So I created this website, and added new editions to it each year (for ten years!).

In August, 2008, I also began videorecording some of the fascinating, educational, thought-provoking, inspirational, and funny happenings at the Zoo and discovered that a video is worth an infinite number of words.

So starting in 2011, I focused mostly on My YouTube "I love the Philadelphia Zoo" channel ZooVisitorMM, which now has more than 2600 videos recorded in the Philadelphia Zoo.

I also feature videos, photos, and commentary about zoos on my Facebook "I love zoos! personal page, which can be viewed by anyone who has a Facebook account.

The Philadelphia Zoo's mission and philosophy has changed a lot in the past decade. The Zoo also changes each year, with some animals being relocated or passing away, and some new animals arriving or being born in the Zoo. You can see many of the changes by watching my videos and you can see what I think of those changes by looking at my Facebook page posts.

But you can also see the changes yourself by visiting the Zoo - And I hope you will, soon and often!

Noteworthy in 2017
Ones I miss most ...
panther chameleon

panther chameleon died November 2017

buff crested bustard

buff crested bustard relocated September 2017

Ones I was most happy to see new at the zoo ...
sailfin dragons

sailfin dragons on exhibit June 2017


fossa on exhibit November 2017


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