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Lemur Island and Tamarin Trails - two special summer attractions

YouTube video - Tamarin Trail!           YouTube video - Lemur Island!

Lemur Island and Tamarin Trail are two summer attractions that provide visitors with barrier-free views of animals in outdoor habitats.

Lemur Island.
Lemur Island.

You can watch black and white ruffed lemurs leaping between tree branches from the lookout area near Lemur Island, which is an island in the middle of Bird Lake. There are even a few places for visitors to sit while watching.

Tamarin Trail.
Tamarin Trail

And, you can watch golden lion tamarins playing in the trees along the path of Tamarin Trail.

These areas are both examples of what I call "pockets of nature" in the Zoo - places where visitors can position themselves so all they see, hear, and smell are animals and nature. For more about the other special "pockets of nature" I love at the Zoo, click here.


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