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The Philadelphia Zoo's Old Zooballoon

I have never approved of amusement-park like attractions at the Zoo, especially ones like the Zooballoon. However, I couldn't help noticing there was something sort of ethereal about the scene one day when the Zooballoon was hovering just a few feet above ground behind the Zoo Gift Shop, waiting for passengers to board it on a day with a cloudy sky color that exactly matched the color of the Balloon.

It caught my attention, just long enough to take the photo above.

Note: The Zooballoon will have a whole new look soon. So I guess that will add historical significance to my photo above!


Updated March 17, 2008:

Out with the old!
To see the Philadelphia Zoo's time lapse video of the old Zooballoon being replaced with the new one, click here

In with the new!


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