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Twigga September 20, 2003.
Twigga in 2003

Twigga Has Joined Puzzles

It is so sad when animals I have seen so many thousands (literally) of times are no longer there, going about their daily routines, living their lives peacefully, without fear of predators or hunters or disease, in a zoo where the welfare of the animals is the number one priority.

Don't go.
Twigga and Stella June 8, 2008

But Twigga lived a long life, and now she has joined Puzzles in Heaven, where there may not be a need for zoos, but where all truly-loved zoo animals surely have a special area.


All features: The Zooballoon is not the same ---- New Titimonkeys! ---- A King Cobra on the Prowl! ---- Big Cats in the Snow! ---- Alligator Snapping Turtle ---- Bye, Puzzles ---- Are You Looking at Me? ---- Member Morning Strolls ---- Petal Was Always There ---- Twigga Has Joined Puzzles ---- A New Giraffe! ---- Pockets of Nature ---- Lemur Island and Tamarin Trail

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